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Sign the ClimateVoice Pledge

By signing this pledge I will go #AllinOnClimate:

  • Prioritize - I will endeavor to choose a place to work that is #AllinOnClimate in its own business (operations, supply chain, products, and investments) and in its strong advocacy for pro-climate policies.
  • Vocalize - I will make it clear to companies that climate matters to me - by signing ClimateVoice petitions, and speaking up at my workplace and with potential employers.
  • Mobilize - I will share the message with my colleagues and friends that together, we have the power to activate our companies on climate.

The information below will be used to provide companies with aggregate statistics on the pledge. For example, we will publish information about the number of pledges signed by employees of a given company or by students in a given field. This is to make clear to companies that their current and future employees want them to go #AllinOnClimate.

Given the sensitive nature of this pledge, note that we will keep your pledge and personal information confidential unless you explicitly give us consent to share it with others.